We're your word nerds

Do you like crushing goals? We do. That's why we make awesome content for companies like yours.
Real Big Words is a collective of top tier writers in the fields of content strategy, UX, and marketing. Companies rely on us for high-performance messaging across all their products and digital assets.

We operate as a fully remote team of freelancers, making it easy to outsource content projects to the best in the biz while saving precious in-house resources. You'll never have to weed through diluted platforms to find reliable outside talent again.

Whether it's a tagline on your homepage or a 2,000 word article on your blog, we'll help you form authentic connections with your audience and crush KPIs along the way. It's not unusual for our output to drive double-digit growth on performance metrics. How? By putting users first. Every. Single. Time.
Meet our founder
Melissa Mapes founded Real Big Words in 2018 in D.C.
After nearly 10 years creating content and strategies for in-house teams, I launched Real Big Words to fill an obvious gap: top performing external talent. I know how hard it is to meet the demand for excellent writing and messaging without a huge internal staff. Now, I help organizations build content that really works with help from my hand-selected network of the best freelancers around.

I'm a true word nerd and I love a challenge, so start your brief to get one step closer to achieving all your content ambitions!

Email: gobig@realbigwords.com

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